What does it mean to have indomitable courage? How do you learn and then teach essential life lessons in the face of insurmountable odds? Is it possible to find the grace and strength to face the end of life with hope, dignity, and above all, love? 

Candy-Coated Chunk of Granite: The Inspiring Journey of One Woman's Valiant Battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer tells the raw, powerful story of Cindy Colangelo, whose twelve-year odyssey encompassed numerous physical and emotional struggles and revealed unsurpassed grace and courage as she valiantly attempted to save her own life and the lives of other women stricken with cancer. 

Based on a journal she kept with the help of the charitable organization CaringBridge, Candy-Coated Chunk of Granite chronicles the many life-affirming lessons Cindy learned about adversity. Above all, it conveys why choosing to live courageously and with boundless love, even in the face of disappointment and death, matters so deeply.

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